2014 Carving Competition Results

2014 Carving Competition Results

Best in Show Winners

A complete listing of all winners for all categories is provided at the bottom of this page.


Decorative Lifesize Floating


  • First Place: Dennis Crumpler, Woodduck Drake
  • Second Place: Robert Kelley, Merganser Drake
  • Third Place: Alan Massengill, Bufflhead Drake


  • First Place: Bill Peyton, Canvasback Hen
  • Second Place: John Nicholson, Goldeneye Hen
  • Third Place: John Nicholson, Woodduck Drake


  • First Place: Mark Strucko, BlueWing Teal Hen
  • Second Place: Vic Kirkman, Canvasback Drake
  • Third Place, Ben Heinemann, Merganser Hen

Decorative Lifesize Non-Floating


  • First Place: John Hodge, Cardinal
  • Second Place: James Cashion, Gallinule
  • Third Place: Robert Scarborough, Yellowlegs


  • First Place: Karen Hess, Sparrow
  • Second Place: Warren Brown, Great Horned Owl
  • Third Place: John Wood, Kestrel


  • First Place: Al Jordan, Owl
  • Second Place: Al Jordan, Owl
  • Third Place: Al Jordan, Lilac Breasted Roller

Decorative Miniature


  • First Place: Robert Scarborough, Swan
  • Second Place: Robert Scarborough, Bald Eagle


  • First Place: Gary Calabrese, Bluebird
  • Second Place: Gary Calabrese, Dunlin
  • Third Place: John Wood, Pelican


  • First Place: Al Jordan, Owl
  • Second Place: Al Jordan, Eagle
  • Third Place: Dick McCarty, Blue Jay

Pamlico Gunning (IWCA Style)


  • First Place: Marc Gottlieb, Goldeneye
  • Second Place: Alan Massengill, Fulvous Tree Duck
  • Third Place: Marc Gottlieb, Scaup


  • First Place: Walter Gaskill, Scaup Hen
  • Second Place: Walter Gaskill, Brant
  • Third Place: Walter Gaskill, Bluewing Drake

Charles Moore (Working Decoys)

  • First Place: Walter Gaskill, Shoveler Drake
  • Second Place: Walter Gaskill, Harlequin Drake
  • Third Place: Water Gaskill, Scaup Drake

NC Championship

  • First Place: Jack Cox, Mallard Hen
  • Second Place: Ben Heinemann, Mallard Hen
  • Third Place: Water Gaskill, Mallard Hen

Decorative Head Carving

  • First Place: Mark Strucko, Greater Scaup
  • Second Place: John Elliott, Greater Scaup
  • Third Place: Gary Doviak, Greater Scaup


IWCA Shorebirds

  • First Place: Walter Gaskill, Stilt
  • Second Place: Gary Bryan, Plover
  • Third Place: Ivie Elliott, Avocet


Pamlico Gunning Pairs

  • First Place: Andy Pope, Buffleheads
  • Second Place: Gary Doviak, Buffleheads
  • Third Place: Greg Sorrell, Oldsquaws



  • First Place: Gary Doviak, Ruddy Duck Drake
  • Second Place: Kelley Nelson, Ruddy Duck Drake

O’Neal’s Drug Store Gunning Division

  • First Place: Walter Gaskill, Pintail Drake
  • Second Place: Bob Nelson, Pintail Drake
  • Third Place: Patrick Bearden, Pintail Drake

Contemporary Antique

  • First Place: Pete Egan, Goose
  • Second Place: Steve Robertson, Black Duck
  • Third Place: Ben Heinemann, Ruddy Duck Drake

NC Songbirds

  • First Place: Al Jordan, Black Throated Green Warbler
  • Second Place: Karen Hess, Black Capped Chickadee
  • Third Place: Mary Byrd, Cardinal


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