2013 Carving Competition Results (Archive)

Species Selections for the 2014 show:

NC Championship: Mallard Hen         

O’Neal’s Drug Store Division: Pintail Drake

TRADE: Ruddy Duck Drake  (wood)       

Decorative Head: Greater Scaup


Complete competition results are available at the bottom of the page. Scroll all the way down and you will find a pdf version of the complete results.


2013 Carving Competition

Decorative Life-Size Floating — Best of Show

Professional 1st Fred Miller — Canvasback Hen
2nd Mark Strucko — Goldeneye Drake
3rd Vic Kirkman — Red Throated Loon
Intermediate 1st John Wood — Pied Billed Grebe
2nd John Nicholson — Ringneck Hen
3rd John Nicholson — Harlequin Drake
Novice 1st Bill Light — Old Squaw Hen
2nd Robert Kelley — Pintail Drake
3rd James Levitt — Scaup

Decorative Life-Size Non-Floating — Best of Show

Professional 1st Al Jordan — Coopers Hawk
2nd Al Jordan — Sawette Owl
3rd Al Jordan — Burrowing Owl
Intermediate 1st Steve Robertson — Song Bird Wren
2nd Steve Robertson — Kestril
3rd Paul Varga — Plover
Novice 1st Alison Currie — Cedar Waxwing
2nd Stanley Rule — Stilt
3rd John Currie — Woodpecker

Decorative Miniature — Best of Show

Professional 1st Al Jordan — Great Horned Owl
2nd Walter Gaskill — Great Blue Heron
3rd Jerry Barkley — Egret
Intermediate 1st Douglas Arnold — Sparrow
2nd Gary Calabrese — Sharp Shinned Hawk
3rd John Wood — Turkeys
Novice 1st Keith Kelley — Yellow Legs
2nd Bill Hayes — Nut Hatch
3rd Bill Hayes — Wood Duck

Pamlico Gunning (Style) — Best of Show

Professional 1st Walter Gaskill — Ruddy Duck Hen
2nd Walter Gaskill — Eider
3rd Walter Gaskill — Goldeneye Drake
Intermediate/Novice 1st Robin Oliver — Black Duck Drake
2nd Alan Massengil — Ringneck Hen
3rd Robin Oliver — Pintail Drake

Charles Moore (Traditional) — Best of Show

Open 1st Gary Bryan — Wood Duck Hen
2nd Andy Pope — Bufflehead
3rd Walter Gaskill — Old Squaw Drake

North Carolina Championship

Open 1st Ben Heinemann
2nd Walter Gaskill
3rd Patrick Eubanks

Decorative Head

Open 1st Mark Strucko
2nd Gary Doviak
3rd Alan Massengil

Shorebird Style

Open 1st Gary Bryan — Rail
2nd Jerry Barkley — Sandpiper
3rd Ivie Elliott — Avocet

Tri-County Canvas

Open 1st Heck Rice — Black Scoter
2nd Dan Nicholson — Surf Scoter
3rd Heck Rice — Commorant

Pamlico River Gunning Pairs

Open 1st Andy White — Mallards
2nd Greg Sorrell — Black Ducks
3rd Andy Pope — Black Ducks


Open 1st Kelley Nelson
2nd Gary Doviak
3rd Alan Massengill

O’Neal’s Drug Store

Open 1st Bob Nelson
2nd Walter Gaskill
3rd Tom Rogers
HM Ben Heinemman
HM Stewart Barnette

Contemporary Antique

Open 1st Ron Stevens — plover
2nd Mark Finisecy — Black Duck
3rd Jack Berkut — Canvas Duck


Complete Show Results (downloadable PDF file)

Complete Competition Results