Duck Stamp Requirements and Judging Criteria

The following requirements must be adhered to:

  1. The design must be a full-color, realistic rendering of one of the selections from the species list with the habitat background specified for that species.
  2. The image must be horizontal, 13″ x 18″ and bear no signature or other marks that would identify the artist.  Works must be matted in white to outside dimension of 18″ and 23″ and should be loosely covered with a protective overleaf, but not be framed or covered with glass.
  3. The artist affirms that his/her entry is a drawing of his/her own creation, neither copied nor duplicated from previously published art, including paintings, drawings in any other medium, or published photographs; or from images of any kind previously published on the internet.
  4. There is no restriction on media or substrate, but the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild (Guild) will not be responsible for damage or deterioration of pastels or other sensitive, unstable materials.
  5. Each artist may enter only one design in the 2014 stamp competition.
  6. A form, Duck Stamp Entry Form, must be affixed to the back of each entry.
  7. All entries must be shipped in sturdy reusable containers.  A copy of the entry form should be included in the envelope with the entry fee and PREPAID RETURN SHIPPING LABEL securely attached to the shipping container. The Guild will be held harmless for loss or damage during shipment.
  8. The Guild reserves the right to photograph all entries for the purpose of documentation, promotion, and education.  The winning entry will become property of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and the winning artist will be paid the sum of seven thousand dollars ($7,000) in two installments.
  9. The winning artist is encouraged to attend the unveiling ceremony, at which time the winning entry will be signed by the artist.  The Guild will present the first installment of $3,500.00 at this time.  The Guild will pay up to $300.00 for travel expenses.  The winning artist will receive a free booth space at the East Carolina Wildlife Arts festival the year following their win.
  10. Winning artist agrees to sign (1,500) prints of this design which have been prepared and printed by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.  Final prize payment will be presented upon receipt of signed prints.

Judging Criteria

The winning design will be selected by a panel of five judges who have expertise in waterfowl biology or artistic method and expression with at least one judge being a resident of North Carolina.  Judges will be selected by the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild.  Technical expertise related to waterfowl species and habitat will be provided by a wildlife biologist on the staff of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and will be appointed by the Commission.

Judging will proceed as follows:

Round One:  Entries in numerical order will be presented successively to each of the five judges for 10-15 seconds.  When all judges have viewed the entry, they  will vote either IN or OUT.  Three (3) votes of IN are required for the entry to proceed to Round Two.

Call Backs: Each of the five judges may select up to five (5) entries which did not receive the requisite three IN votes in Round One to be judged in Round Two.

Round Two:  Those entries passing Round One with at least three IN votes, plus all Call Backs, will be judged in Round Two.  Entries in numerical order will be presented successively to each of the five judges for 10-15 seconds.  When all the judges have viewed the entry, they will score the entry between 1 and 9, with 9 being the highest.  The sum of these scores become the entry’s Round Two score.  The top five (5) scores and all entries falling within that score range will proceed to Round Three.

Round Three:  Those entries scoring within the five high scores of Round Two will be judged in Round Three.  Entries in numerical order will be presented successively to each of the five judges for 10-15 seconds.  When all judges have viewed the entry, they will score the entry between 1 and 9.  The sum of these scores becomes the entry’s Round Three score.  the entry scoring the highest becomes the winner of the competition.  in the event of a tie for first, Round Three will be repeated for those top scoring entries until a single winner is determined.

All art works will be scored on the following criteria:

  1. Level and accuracy of detail in all aspects of the anatomy of the waterfowl.
  2. Appropriateness, accuracy, and detail in depiction of the habitat.
  3. Attractiveness and creativity of the composition, regarding spatial balance, lighting, and harmony of subject and background.
  4. Visual appeal and suitability for the reproduction at both the print and stamp scales.


This art competition is open to all Artist who are 18 years of age or older, except employees of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, members of the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild, volunteers for the Commission or Guild, and members of their immediate families.

Entry/Return Procedures and Deadlines

  1. Entries must be prepared and shipped to the specific requirements listed.  Entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. on January 25, 2014 at the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild Office, 408 Channel Run, Washington, NC 27889.  Judging of the entries will take place on January 28, 2014, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the Civic Center, Washington, North Carolina.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend.
  2. Entries will not be considered complete without a signed Artist Agreement and a $50.00 Entry Fee received at the time of the entry submission.  Please attach a copy of the agreement to your entry fee.
  3. If the artist would like to have the entry returned, FedEx or UPS parcel service is recommended.  A prepaid mailing label must be included which should include prepaid shipping insurance.  The cost of return shipping from Washington, N.C. U.S. Post Office tends to be more costly than delivery to Washington, N.C.  Do not send stamps.  If return postage is not included, the entry will not be returned.
  4. Entries may be sent via U.S. Mail or by Express Parcel Service. Senders are advised to obtain adequate shipping insurance on their entries.

Additional Information

For more information on the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild and the North Carolina Waterfowl Conservation Stamp competition, contact the Guild at (252) 946-5044, (252) 943-8526, email Dee Mathiesen.

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